Mechanism Of Bearing Failure Clearance Change During the operation of the bearing, due to the influence of external or internal factors, the original matching clearance is changed, the precision is reduced, and even the "biting death" is called the gap change failure. External factors such as excessive interference, inadequate installation, swelling due to temperature rise, transient overload, etc., internal factors such as retained austenite and residual stress are unstable, which are the main causes of play change failure. the reason. Wheel Hub Bearing for JEEP COMMANDER GRAND CHEROKEE 513234 Front Vehicle Flange Diameter: 6.5 In. Bolt Circle Diameter: 5 In. Wheel Pilot Diameter: 2.8 In. Brake Pilot Diameter: 2.8 In. Flange Offset: 2 In. Hub Pilot Diameter: 3.9 In. Hub Bolt Circle Diameter: 4.8 In. Bolt Quantity: 5 Bolt Hole qty: 3 ABS Sensor: Yes Number of Splines: 29 Application: JEEP COMMANDER 2006-2009 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005-2009 Wheel Hub Assembly For JEEP website: