Our History Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd., established in 1990, is a research and manufacturing enterprise specialized in rock drilling machinery. The company has rich experience in scientific research and production, using the highest quality raw materials, advanced production technology and strict testing methods to produce products with excellent performance and excellent quality. Because of its stable quality and excellent performance, Qideli drilling tools are sold nationwide and exported to more than 20 countries including Russia, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, and Nepal, and are well received by users. Enterprise history: In the 1840s, the Qideli family began to produce agricultural appliances. In that era when information was scarce, LEILI agricultural appliances became famous in Fujian Province. With the development of the times, Yang Zhiyong, the founder of Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd., invested a lot of financial resources with engineers to start the development and production of taper drilling tools in 1990, and registered the brand "QIDELI". We started to produce taper drill rods, flat drill bits and cross drill bits. The sales of taper bits reached an average of 8,000 per day during peak periods. In 2004, our company began to produce down-the-hole drills,tapper drill bits, top-hammer bits, etc. In 2008, our company's low-pressure DTH drills led the sales in China! Our product has become the industry benchmark in China! In 2010, our company began to produce down-the-hole hammers and drill bits. Until now, the sales of high-pressure drilling tools have continued to grow at an annual growth rate of 30%! In 2018, the company established the Ministry of Foreign Trade and restarted the use of the LEILI brand. Because our products have extremely high cost performance and stable quality, the company's foreign trade orders continue to grow at an annual growth rate of 50%. In the future, LEILI drilling tools and engineering equipment will be well-known in the world. Putian Qideli Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes you to join us! Our Factory The company is located in Putian, the hometown of Mazu. It covers an area of 11,000 square meters, a production plant of 5,000 square meters, and hundreds of employees. It has nearly 300 sets of processing, R & D and testing equipment for the production of rock drilling machinery. The company's products are as follows: China's advanced high pressure DTH hammers; various DTH drill bits; various threaded drill bits; drill bits and coupling; new type water well drilling rigs, open-air drilling rigs;drill pipe, coupling head and other drilling rig accessories. Our advantage: 1. The company has 5 production lines, which can produce multiple types of products at the same time to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers in a timely manner. The company has more than 100 employees, including 10 middle and high-level administrators, all with senior management experience. There are more than 20 cooperating foundries, all of which have industry-leading technology in their processing field. 2. Many of our equipment are special production machinery designed by our company, such as drilling machine, milling machine, deep hole drilling, etc., the processing effect of these equipment is unmatched by other general equipment. These devices ensure the accuracy of our products and production efficiency. 3. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in heat treatment. The accumulated experience makes our product quality very stable. 4. We can analyze and design the most suitable product for you according to your usage, and also process the product according to the drawings you provide. Our Product Putian Qideli Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd We produced and support following product. 1. LOW AIR PRESSURE DTH HAMMER AND BIT CIR50 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 50mm~60mm CIR60 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 60mm~70mm CIR70 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 76mm~80mm CIR80 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 80mm~90mm CIR90 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 90mm~140mm CIR110 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 110mm~200mm CIR130 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 130mm~200mm CIR150 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 150mm~350mm CIR170 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 170mm~350mm CIR200 DTH Hammer Bit鈥檚 diameter: 170mm~350mm 2. HIGH AIR PRESSURE DTH HAMMER AND BIT 3鈥?Series: DHD3.5 COP34 HD35A QL30 Diameter: 90mm~110mm 4鈥?Series: DHD340 COP44 HD45A QL40 MISSION40 SD4 Diameter:105mm~150mm 5鈥?Series: DHD350 COP54 HD55A QL50 MISSION50 SD5 Diameter:136mm~203mm 6鈥?Series: DHD360 COP64 HD65A QL60 MISSION60 SD6 Diameter:152mm~254mm 8鈥?Series: DHD380 COP84 HD85A QL80 MISSION80 SD8 Diameter:203mm~305mm 10鈥?Series: SD10 NUMA100 DHD1100 Diameter: 254mm~400mm 12鈥?Series: NUMA120 SD12 DHD1120 Diameter: 302mm~450mm 14鈥?Series: QDL140 Diameter: 400mm~600mm 18鈥?Series: QDL180 Diameter: 475mm~800mm 24鈥?Series: QDL240 Diameter: 585mm~1000mm 3. DRILL ROD FOR DTH 桅42mm drill rod: 1000mm~2000mm 桅50mm drill rod: 1000mm~2000mm 桅64mm drill rod: 1000mm~3000mm 桅76mm drill rod: 1000mm~3000mm 桅89mm drill rod: 1000mm~5000mm 桅102mm drill rod: 1000mm~5000mm 桅114mm drill rod: 1000mm~5000mm 4. ADAPTER FOR DTH 5. B22/B25 TAPER ROD 6. TAPER BIT Cross Bit Diameter: 30mm~80mm Chisel Bit Diameter: 30mm~80mm Button Bit Diameter: 30mm~42mm Button Qty: 4\5\6\7\8 7. TOP HAMMER BIT Diameter: 42mm~140mm Thread Type: R32/R38/T38/T45/T51/GT60 8. RETRACT TYPE TOP HAMMER BIT Diameter: 64mm~140mm Thread Type: R32/R38/T38/T45/T51/GT60 9. SHANK ADAPTER For R32/R38/T38/T45/T51/GT60 10. DRILL PIPE Thread Type: R32/R38/T38/T45/T51/GT60 11. COUPLING For R32/R38/T38/T45/T51/GT60 12. HYDRAULIC TOP HAMMER DRILL RIG For hole range: 45mm~89mm 64mm~102mm R32/R38/T38/T45 13. DTH DRILL RIG For hole range: 76mm~203mm 14. WATER WELL DRILLING RIG For well diameter: 140mm~305mm Depth : 0~500mm 15. AIR COMPRESSOR Working pressure: 7Bar~31Bar Air displacement: 7m鲁/min~35m鲁/min Mobile and fixed. We provide one-stop supply, so that our customers can purchase all kinds of construction machinery and accessories from our one-stop shop. Product Application Our products are widely used. The following are some uses of some of our products. 1. Down-the-hole drill: Down-the-hole drilling tools and drilling equipment can be used for drilling rock anchor cable holes, bolt holes, blast holes, grouting holes, etc. in urban buildings, railways, highways, rivers, hydropower and other projects. 2. Top hammer drill: Top hammer drilling tools and drilling equipment can be used for urban construction, railways, highways, rivers, tunnels, open-pit mine blast hole drilling and other constructions. 3. Taper drilling tools Used for small mine drilling, tunneling, stone block mining, wire saw hole drilling and other construction operations. Our Certificate Production Equipment Production Market Putian Qideli Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly has two main brands of QIDELI and LEILI. Our products have stable quality and excellent performance. Our products are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia and other 20 countries , well received by users. Our Service Pre-sale service: Our company provides a complete product selection and matching program, and one-stop supply of products. After you provide your product requirements, we will communicate with engineers in time and provide you with the best choice or the best product production plan. On-sale service: After the order is confirmed, we will arrange the production of the product to you in time, report the production progress of the product in time, and conduct a more in-depth discussion on some details of the product. The products will be colored and packaged according to your requirements. After-sales service: Qideli Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. provides one-stop after-sales service, and the products are all quality guaranteed. If some drills or other products have quality problems, please provide the steel stamp number of the product and a detailed picture of the product. The product with quality problems will be reissued and replaced in the next order.Down The Hole Button BIT factory website:http://www.leilidrill.com/ website2:http://www.leilidrillbit.com/